Okanagan BC Hobby Farms and Acreages

hobby farms

Hobby farming can be a great way to become more self sufficient at your own leisure. If you are interested in starting up a hobby farm, here is some information worth knowing.

What is a hobby farm?

A hobby farm is a farm that people maintain out of enjoyment. It does not make the hobby farmers any money. Since it does not bring in any money, it is less important that the hobby farm be a success.

You can still sell things from your hobby farm. As soon as you start depending on that income as a living, however you are no longer a hobby farmer. Instead, you are running a business.

A hobby farmer has money to spend on the needs of the farm. This is in direct contrast to homesteaders, who spend very little money on their farm.

How much land do you need?

Most hobby farms are under 50 acres, as a small-scale farm is typically between 50-150 acres. That being said, it can be much smaller depending on the type of farming that you are doing.

Hobby farms for sale in BC

When looking for a hobby farm, you need to consider what you want to do on that acreage. What kind of livestock do you want and how much land to they need? What do you want to grow? How much do you want to work off the land? How much time do you want to put into getting the land ready?

These are all questions you should consider. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start looking for a farm that checks the boxes.

How do they make money?

As the name implies, hobby farms are not there to make money. This being said, a hobby farm can make money by selling its extra produce, or eggs, or other products. Hobby farmers can sell their products online, at farmers market and co-ops, to the neighbors or in support groups.

If you want to make money off of your farm, you might want to consider a different model. Hobby farms typically do not make money, and if they do, it is not very much. This is essentially by design. Most people who hobby farm have a lot of money that they can put into their hobby farm.

What is a good size?

The size of your hobby farm will depend largely on the livestock that you want, and the crops that you want to grow. You will need a lot more space if you want cattle versus if you just want chickens. If you want to grow an orchard, you will need more space than if you want a vegetable or flower garden.

What types of farmers make the most money?

Market-gardeners can typically make the most money off of the smallest amount of land, even up to six figures off of less than two acres. This type of farming is a very intensive farming practice that oftentimes does not involve a lot of livestock. If livestock are involved, they are on separate pastures.

If you are interested in hobby farming, you should look at your budget and figure out what you want in a hobby farm. The next step is to start investing in the necessary equipment, and then get started!


Living in the Okanagan


The Okanagan region of British Columbia is straight east of Vancouver, west of Calgary and south of Shuswap Lake. The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia features gorgeous mountain scenery, lush grape-growing soil, warm summers and great water sports.

What is the Okanagan known for?

The Okanagan basin and river are well-known as the Napa Valley of the North, so you’ll have to visit one of the many wineries in the region. Take care to taste responsibly or hire a driver. Many of the larger cities in the Okanagan Valley offer bicycle rentals; wear your helmet and be safe.

Living in the valley and finding work can be a bit of a challenge; the unemployment rate in the cities in the region is a bit higher than in the rest of British Columbia. However, the tourist trade makes joining the gig economy a possibility.

What cities are part of the Okanagan Valley?

The biggest cities in the Okanagan include Kelowna and Penticton, as well as West Kelowna. Penticton has a population of just over 30,000 and Kelowna proper is just over 100,000. In the north, the city of Vernon is almost 40,000 people.

What are some popular things to do in the Okanagan?

Fans of history will love a trip to the O’Keefe Ranch in Vernon, BC. This area of Canada has deep agricultural roots and plenty of heritage tours to enjoy.

Kelowna is a bustling city with plenty of shopping and dining. You can also enjoy a visit to one of the many wineries or breweries in the area. Spend a day on the beach and rent a jet ski, or travel to the outskirts of the city and find a hiking trail to enjoy mountain scenery.

Schedule a stay in the city of Penticton and don’t forget your golf clubs! Not only will you enjoy gorgeous weather and scenery, but the greens are lush and smooth.

What Universities and Colleges are Kelowna?

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and a great education, Kelowna is a great town. The British Columbia Institute of Technology has an aerospace technology campus in the city of Kelowna, as does the University of British Columbia. Okanagan University College is also ideally suited to help you finish a four year degree, take your required courses before transferring, or go part time and enjoy lifelong learning.

British Columbia is one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. No matter your travel or life goals, you can find amazing activities in the Okanagan Valley. Take a class, hike a trail, rent a bike, and have a glass of wine. Plan your future in the Okanagan Region.