Kelowna Kitchen Cabinetry For a Fabulous Farm House Living


Tips For Choosing Kelowna Kitchen Cabinetry


Kitchen furniture is not only the first thing we see in the morning after getting up. It is the furniture that is most exposed to changes in temperature and humidity due to the day-to-day tasks that take place in this space. That is why it is important to know how to choose them well not only based on aesthetics but also on their materials to guarantee their good maintenance over time. That is why today, we are going to give you a series of tips to take into account when choosing the cabinets that will decorate our kitchen. Go for it!


The Measure


The measurements of each piece of furniture and cupboard will depend on the characteristics of the kitchen and the available space. However, it is necessary to take into account the tasks that will be carried out daily in the kitchen, and therefore we will have to think about the most ergonomic proposals that allow us to have the necessary space and the distribution that best suits our style of cooking. It is very important that you do not forget this factor when choosing the color and design of the furniture, since, in the long run, it is one of those that most affect the use of our cabinets, its practicality.


The Interior


The first thing we look at when choosing our furniture is the exterior; however, it is very important to take into account the interior of the furniture and its storage capacity. It is essential that its interior makes it easier for us to organize the elements that we will need to keep. Therefore, the perfect cupboard for a kitchen is one that combines aesthetics and organization, such as drawers, shelves, etc.


The Color


It is one of the most visible and varied characteristics when choosing furniture for a kitchen. The choice of color depends on the taste of each one; however, there are some that are proclaimed winners due to their ease of combining with tiles or other shades. For example, white colors will always be easy to integrate with other elements. Many times when choosing the tone, we get carried away by the fashionable colors or how they manage to capture our attention, but in the long run, the bright colors can be monotonous or boring.


Kitchen Finishes


It is another aesthetic factor that can sometimes be a headache. The choice between the gloss or matte finish depends on the taste of each one since both options are very common in Kelowna kitchen cabinetry. Regarding cleaning, a glossy finish will always be more vulnerable to day-to-day fingerprints or stains, as they will be reflected on the surface.


Opening The Doors


When we spend time in the kitchen preparing the dishes of the day, inadvertently, we make the gesture of opening and closing the cabinets on many occasions. That is why it is important to take into account the type of doors that we choose for our furniture since this movement can be very uncomfortable depending on the type of closure they have. Therefore, when you are making your choice, we advise you to try opening and closing the doors to see if it will be practical on a day-to-day basis. Another detail that you should take into account is the handles since they will make a difference in the kitchen as a whole. Also, if you still do not know the types of doors you can find, we will tell you about them below.


  • Sliding Doors

They are perfect for tight spaces where it is not convenient to open and close the doors into the kitchen. With this style, you will save 1.5 square meters.

  • Swing Door

They are the ones we are used to seeing in kitchens, and they are also the cheapest. Being the most common in all houses, there are many more designs to choose from.

  • Double Leaf Doors

When the doorway is very large, it is very common to see double-leaf doors, which gives us the possibility of opening one instead of both when it is not necessary.

  • Pocket Sliding Doors

When the structure allows it, it can be hidden inside a brick wall. They allow you to save space and clear the walls.

  • Of Glass

They can be colored, transparent, opaque … Depending on the material, they will allow more light to enter or exit through them and create more open or luminous environments. The glass must be tempered or safety glass to avoid accidents.